Vialogues is a great way for students to collaborate and discuss while watching a video about a certain topic. The creator can either pose questions and polls beforehand, and then have students answer these questions as they watch the video. Or, students can add questions and polls they have for each other as they watch together. It ultimately comes down to the teacher’s purpose of the lesson.

Above is just a simple example of ways you could engage in a fun clip from the Monsters University movie; however, there are tons of educational videos that teachers might want students to participate with.

The application provides tons of videos, or you can upload your own. Students could even create their own videos and have their classmates comment with suggestions, constructive criticisms, or just observations and opinions.

4 Replies to “Vialogues”

  1. I love how this tool allows students to add their own comments, questions, and polls, but the fact that it doesn’t allow you to pause while answering seems a little odd. But great demonstration, this was really cute!

  2. I think this is a good way to start a discussion about a subject. That everyone can add comments once logged in is a nice way to ensure all of your students are participating in the conversation. A good option for an educational video would be to require a certain number of comments on a video per student. Overall even the idea with just a fun movie if the kids are having some wind down the multiple choice is a good way to get their brains working!

  3. I really like how you made a great movie into an interactive viewing experience. Often teachers just show movies like this passively, but vialogues seems like a great resource to get the students engaged.

  4. I really like your vialogue Hannah! I can tell that this website is a great way to online class discussions/forums. In a way, it kind of reminds me of a livestream where people can comment throughout the video. The website involves a great deal of reading, so I can see how it would be geared towards upper grades. Great post Hannah!

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