Weather in Space Video Lesson

Edpuzzle is a really interesting tool that I have seen being used in classrooms to allow students to interact with videos through guided questions and comments created by their teacher. Video has become an increasingly utilized tool in classrooms as it engages students in a. Teachers can add voiceover or comments to the videos to talk about different parts, create live quizzes, and assign it to your class with one button. Edpuzzle also allows teachers to modify already created Edpuzzle videos from other teachers or just show already created ones directly. This tool would be a great way to personalize public videos for your classroom and I can definitely see myself using it in the future as pre-tests, formal, and informal assessments.

This Edpuzzle that I have created uses a Crash Course Youtube video about Weather in Space and guides students through the video via multiple choice and open-ended questions.

3 Replies to “Weather in Space Video Lesson”

  1. I also really liked the Edpuzzle site. I was very impressed with the way it functioned. I think using it as an informal assessment is a great way to make sure that the students are participating and understanding the content. Great use of the tool!

    1. I think this could be a great way to guide and observe student participation without them feeling the pressure of an assessment. This would also be really useful for students who are absent because they could still participate at home.

  2. I really like the questions that you asked throughout the video! I also used Edpuzzle, and also feel that it is good to incorporate into the classroom. Good job!

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