I Am From Saipan

Sway is an online program for Microsoft. It is easy to use and serves many different purposes like telling a story through words, pictures, and/or videos. I created a project with sway about where I am from. When it comes to where I am from, I am not shy about it. Although it is not known to many, it means the world to me. Saipan is my home and is where I plan to be. In my sway, you will see where and how small my island is, the community college I graduated from, and all the beautiful beaches and sightseeing hangouts. Doing this made me even more homesick, but I can’t wait for the day to get on that plane and head back HOME 🙂

My Life in Honolulu, HI

This is my project about where I am from using Sway! I really liked using this app, and it was fairly easy to use! It was a bit hard to really think about the different things that I do when I am at home, but it was fun to look at pictures and try to make a poem out of it!

Home: Honolulu, Hawai’i

This is my Microsoft Sway assignment describing where I’m from. I enjoyed using this app to put together photos of my own and from the app to make this slideshow. I found this app a little hard to use just because it was hard to personalize and move around the text. Besides this, I found this app to be a cool way to exhibit information. I can see myself using this in the classroom!

Where I am From

I found this website very easy to use. Students will be able to share with the teacher and the class a little bit about themselves. This source can make reports instantly more engaging and fun as there are many graphics and photos accessible from this site.

Where I’m From: Pleasanton, CA

This blog post is about where I’m from. I used pictures from google and my own photos to tell my story about where I come from. I think that Sway is a good way to organize your own story however you want and with images you choose. It provides a good visual while also telling your story at the same time. I think that this program is a little hard to be creative with formats, but you are able to rearrange your post in a few different ways. It is also a bit hard to navigate, but could possibly be used for projects that students create.

I am from Fort Collins

I gave you all a brief over view of some places I go for fun and places to eat, along with my schooling. I live in Loveland, Colorado, but I am always in Fort Collins and do most things in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins and Colorado was a fun place to grow up and I made some great memories in my child hood living there.

If you ever want to visit Colorado just hit me up!

I’m From Here!!!!

Check out a little bit about myself in this cool app

This App by Microsoft called “Sway” is super cool!!!

Super easy to use and has really cool features .

I can see having my Biology students do fun projects with this application

Sway: Where I’m From

Eugene, Oregon may not seem very exciting, but I loved growing up here! I thought this was a cool new presentation tool that is quick and easy to use. I think it’s great as another option over powerpoint. It could be a great way to introduce students, like we are doing, or for a final project on a topic. As a teaching tool, I could see teachers presenting lessons this way and making lessons a little more interesting.

Where I am from: Kaneohe, Hawaii

I made a sway about my home, Kāneʻohe. I really enjoy using sway, but it definitely takes time to get used to. I am still learning how to manoeuvre the website, but I have gotten better at using it. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about where I am from!