Where I am from: Kirkland WA

This Sway show a little about where I am from in Kirkland, WA, where I moved for college, and where I am going now after graduation.

The tool wasn’t super user-friendly but I think that the results are pretty cool

3 Replies to “Where I am from: Kirkland WA”

  1. Hello!
    You life looks so fun! I love all the personal pictures you used.Also love kirkland signature!! costco for days. Great job setting up our sway !

  2. Fun to see Kirkland, friends and family. You did a nice job of documenting you growing up in that stack. Great to see you take advantage of the comparison slider. How did you have two photos, so perfectly lined up?

  3. I really like how you used personal photos to explore your hometown!! It was interesting to find out more about Kirkland. I also thought of Costco when I saw Kirkland!! Sorry!!

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