Adobe Spark vs. Sway

Where I'm Going

AdobeSpark and Sway are both wonderful tools that I can see myself using in my classroom! They both are easy to use websites that can be utilized in many ways for students. I can see myself teaching AdobeSpark more to my students as it is more straightforward and trouble shooting would be a lot easier. Adding photos directly from adobe is easy, and the site can also be utilized for many other projects, other than website design. The site also seems simpler in terms of themes. It is simple and could even be used as a stepping stone to other tools such as Sway.

Sway Vs Adobe Spark

Sway vs Adobe Spark Page

So between the 2 apps Sway and Adobe Spark Page I personally like Adobe Spark Page better. They are basically the same though. Visually they are both pleasing to the eye, are a good way of keeping the reader engaged, and easy to use. What gets me about Adobe Spark Page though is that it is simpler overall to use, there is no having to find your way around, its super straight forward!

Below you will see that I used Sway to show where I am from and Adobe Spark Page to show where I like to travel!!!

Where I Like to Travel

Sway vs. Adobe Spark Page

Both programs are really great resources for many things! But I liked the Adobe Spark Page the most because the formatting of the actual project was easier to navigate through and simpler than Sway. Another thing I liked about Adobe Spark Page is that the editing process was much easier to navigate through and fix than Sway (I had to redo a few things multiple times on Sway because when I tried to edit the format, it changed the final layout). The last thing I liked about Adobe Spark Page is that it’s not limited when it comes to creating/customizing your actual product, but in Sway, their customization choices are limited.

My Future

Adobe Spark vs. Sway

Why I Love to Travel, My Theoretical Trip

I enjoyed using both the Adobe Spark and Sway, but I liked using Adobe Spark better. I liked the overall feel of it better, and I feel that it was easier for me to navigate through. It was also easier to add in pictures and it was nice to add in captions and the text would go underneath. When I did my Sway project, I did one where the text would go over the picture, so some of the text would cover the picture and I couldn’t really fix the font. But I liked using both, I just prefer Adobe Spark more!

Adobe Spark v Sway

Adobe Spark and Sway are two different programs that can be used to create engaging presentations. I like both formats and the different aesthetic appeal that they have. I personally think working with Adobe Spark is easier and a bit more fun. I think it would also be easier for students to work with Adobe Spark. There is more variability and creativity that students can choose from.

Smiling Sea Otters

Sway V. Spark

Sway Story

Spark Story

Where I am going....this weekend

Alright from using these two similar applications I think that Adobe Spark is the application. In spark you have more variety with themes and format. Also Spark allows your pictures videos and texts to be displayed in different manners. From a viewers standpoint and user standpoint I think that Spark is easier to use and more appealing to the eye.

Sway is still a good application to use, but compared to Spark the application feels limited. From using Sway it was slightly harder to navigate and not as creative with the set up of pictures. Also the template is all the same is is very boxy, not as much flow to it. Sway is still a good application to use for a presentation, but not for a project that needs a lot of creativity or style.

Overall, would recommend Spark!

Sway vs. Adobe Spark

Where I'm Headed... Japan This Summer

In this post, I am comparing Microsoft Sway and Adobe Spark Page. I made an Adobe Spark Page to share my summer trip to Japan!

I personally really enjoyed using Adobe Spark Page way more than using Microsoft Sway. I found it way easier to use and I was able to make my assignment very quickly. I felt that it was much easier to navigate. The layout was very simple and clean however, the transitions in Microsoft Sway were unique. I will definitely use Adobe Spark Page in my classroom.

Adobe Spark vs. Sway

Adobe Spark: Where I’ve Been

where i've been

Sway: Where I’m From

After using both programs, I would have to say I prefer Adobe Spark over Sway. Although it was difficult for me to add text because of a problem pop up every time I tried, I still liked how there were so many options for displaying photos. I thought each layout looked modern, and fun to look at and scroll through. I also preferred using Adobe because you could more easily see what your final product was going to be like, unlike Sway, where you had to make edits on a page you had no idea how it would show up. I also thought that when I looked at Sway examples, they were much more elaborate than what I was able to figure out how to do, whereas Adobe was very user-friendly and simple. In the classroom, I think students would have an easier time figuring Adobe out than Sway.

Adobe Spark Page vs. Sway

Why I like cats

After trying both Sway and Adobe Spark Page, my preference is for Adobe Spark Page. I liked the graphics a lot more than the ones from Sway. Aesthetically, it looks much more professional. There were also a lot more options when it came to photos. I think students would find this one to be easier to use. They can easily add photos and graphics, making their presentations a lot more engaging. I think as a teacher I would use this one more because it was easier to use and faster to learn. Sway required a lot more editing of photos as they were always too large for the presentation. The text also is not a huge part of the presentation. This would be a great resource for comparing photos rather than receiving information.

Sway vs Adobe Spark

Places I Want To Go

After using both Sway and Adobe Spark, I think that Adobe Spark is easier to use, especially for children. Adobe spark is a lot easier to navigate and the format is simple to use. It sort of seems like a powerpoint presentation that simply flows a little better visually. On the other hand, Sway was not terribly hard to figure out, but it was definitely more difficult to navigate the website compared to Adobe Spark. I would prefer to use Adobe Spark in a classroom full of children, simply to avoid any confusion on how to operate the site. I think that this site would be an awesome way for students (especially upper graders) to create presentations with. It could take the place of the traditional powerpoint and is easy enough to use.

Sway vs. Adobe Spark Page

Things I love and don't love

I created an Adobe Spark Page about some things that I love and some thing I do not love. This was really simple to do and I felt comfortable using Adobe Spark Page. I would recommend Adobe Spark Page above Sway because of it is easy to use and user friendly. I did not use one in my page but I like how you can add a photo grid as one of the options. I added on my page a glideshow and a split layout. These were both simple to do and did not take much time to complete.

I liked the theme options in Adobe Spark more than the ones offered in Sway. The layout options given were varied and offered a range of different ways to go with your story.

I think both sites would be accessible for students to use however in my opinion, Adobe Spark Pages is easier to follow and navigate. It took me less time to figure out how to use this site than Sway. Students could use this site to create their own personal story, to re-create a story they already know or to complete a project.