Sway vs. Adobe Spark Page

Things I love and don't love

I created an Adobe Spark Page about some things that I love and some thing I do not love. This was really simple to do and I felt comfortable using Adobe Spark Page. I would recommend Adobe Spark Page above Sway because of it is easy to use and user friendly. I did not use one in my page but I like how you can add a photo grid as one of the options. I added on my page a glideshow and a split layout. These were both simple to do and did not take much time to complete.

I liked the theme options in Adobe Spark more than the ones offered in Sway. The layout options given were varied and offered a range of different ways to go with your story.

I think both sites would be accessible for students to use however in my opinion, Adobe Spark Pages is easier to follow and navigate. It took me less time to figure out how to use this site than Sway. Students could use this site to create their own personal story, to re-create a story they already know or to complete a project.

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