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After using both Sway and Adobe Spark, I think that Adobe Spark is easier to use, especially for children. Adobe spark is a lot easier to navigate and the format is simple to use. It sort of seems like a powerpoint presentation that simply flows a little better visually. On the other hand, Sway was not terribly hard to figure out, but it was definitely more difficult to navigate the website compared to Adobe Spark. I would prefer to use Adobe Spark in a classroom full of children, simply to avoid any confusion on how to operate the site. I think that this site would be an awesome way for students (especially upper graders) to create presentations with. It could take the place of the traditional powerpoint and is easy enough to use.

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  1. I agree, I think students would be able to navigate Adobe Spark a lot easier. And it would be a useful tool in the classroom.

  2. Hi Amy!
    It was nice to see some personal pictures in your Sway! It is always nice to learn new things about our classmates so we get to know them better. I would love to travel to all those places on your Adobe Spark Page as well! I hope you’re able to visit them all 🙂 I agree that Adobe Spark Page was easier to navigate through and is a better version of PowerPoint. It is something we can introduce to our students as an alternative for their presentations.

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