Adobe Spark Page vs. Sway

Why I like cats

After trying both Sway and Adobe Spark Page, my preference is for Adobe Spark Page. I liked the graphics a lot more than the ones from Sway. Aesthetically, it looks much more professional. There were also a lot more options when it came to photos. I think students would find this one to be easier to use. They can easily add photos and graphics, making their presentations a lot more engaging. I think as a teacher I would use this one more because it was easier to use and faster to learn. Sway required a lot more editing of photos as they were always too large for the presentation. The text also is not a huge part of the presentation. This would be a great resource for comparing photos rather than receiving information.

2 Replies to “Adobe Spark Page vs. Sway”

  1. Love all the cats! They all look so snuggly and cute! 10,000 percent agree with you that Spark is better then Sway. I really like that you brought up the idea of it being more professional.

  2. This is super cute! I love how you added a variation of picture sizes and a video link. I also agree that Spark is a better program to use than Sway.

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