Adobe Spark vs. Sway

Adobe Spark: Where I’ve Been

where i've been

Sway: Where I’m From

After using both programs, I would have to say I prefer Adobe Spark over Sway. Although it was difficult for me to add text because of a problem pop up every time I tried, I still liked how there were so many options for displaying photos. I thought each layout looked modern, and fun to look at and scroll through. I also preferred using Adobe because you could more easily see what your final product was going to be like, unlike Sway, where you had to make edits on a page you had no idea how it would show up. I also thought that when I looked at Sway examples, they were much more elaborate than what I was able to figure out how to do, whereas Adobe was very user-friendly and simple. In the classroom, I think students would have an easier time figuring Adobe out than Sway.

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  1. I agree! I found Adobe Spark a lot easier to use. And I really enjoyed both of your post using Sway and Adobe Spark.

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