Sway vs. Adobe Spark

Where I'm Headed... Japan This Summer

In this post, I am comparing Microsoft Sway and Adobe Spark Page. I made an Adobe Spark Page to share my summer trip to Japan!

I personally really enjoyed using Adobe Spark Page way more than using Microsoft Sway. I found it way easier to use and I was able to make my assignment very quickly. I felt that it was much easier to navigate. The layout was very simple and clean however, the transitions in Microsoft Sway were unique. I will definitely use Adobe Spark Page in my classroom.

3 Replies to “Sway vs. Adobe Spark”

  1. Great stories Madi! Japan looks like it will be a ton of fun! kind of jealous. I agree with you about Spark though, it is way easier to use.

  2. Hi Madi!
    I love both of your projects! You show the beautiful pictures of your home and pictures of your awesome adventure to come! I am jealous, but I hope you enjoy your time in Japan 🙂 I agree that Adobe Spark Page was easier to navigate through and is something that I will definitely use in my classroom as well. Great job!

  3. Was lucky to have 5 trips to Japan over the last few years to visit our daughter and family stationed there with US State Dept. You will love it!

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