Sway vs. Adobe Spark Page

Both programs are really great resources for many things! But I liked the Adobe Spark Page the most because the formatting of the actual project was easier to navigate through and simpler than Sway. Another thing I liked about Adobe Spark Page is that the editing process was much easier to navigate through and fix than Sway (I had to redo a few things multiple times on Sway because when I tried to edit the format, it changed the final layout). The last thing I liked about Adobe Spark Page is that it’s not limited when it comes to creating/customizing your actual product, but in Sway, their customization choices are limited.

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  1. I love both of your pages!! I’ve never heard of Saipan but it’s beautiful. I think your comparison was done well as it shows the reasons for why Adobe Spark Pages is better. I thought the same thing!

  2. I really like both of your pages displaying the beautiful sights of Saipan! It is great that you want to move back home and become a teacher there, and your going to do great things!!

  3. These are both beautiful presentations! I’d really love to visit Saipan and enjoyed all of the beautiful images. You’ve done a wonderful job of transporting the viewer and these projects would be wonderful in your classroom.

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