Adobe Spark vs. Sway

Why I Love to Travel, My Theoretical Trip

I enjoyed using both the Adobe Spark and Sway, but I liked using Adobe Spark better. I liked the overall feel of it better, and I feel that it was easier for me to navigate through. It was also easier to add in pictures and it was nice to add in captions and the text would go underneath. When I did my Sway project, I did one where the text would go over the picture, so some of the text would cover the picture and I couldn’t really fix the font. But I liked using both, I just prefer Adobe Spark more!

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  1. Hi Lauryn!
    Thank you for showing us your beautiful home 🙂 I have been to Hawai’i before but never fully explored the beauty of it. Maybe one day I will come visit and you can be my tour guide haha 🙂 I can’t believe you’ve been to 18 different countries already! That is so awesome! Your theoretical trip is amazing as well! Those are all places I want to travel to one day (if only traveling were free) 😂 Hope you are able to cross those 6 countries off your list, but add Saipan to your list and I’ll be your tour guide 🙂 I agree that Adobe Spark Page is a better tool. I did enjoy using Sway but there were just too many complications on my side.

  2. Those are such beautiful pictures you used in your spark page! I’d love to take that trip as well! I also agree Spark was easier to use!

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