Final Project

Working as individuals or with one partner, students will design and deliver a 20-25 min learning experience to the class. View finished projects here.

April 17th Presentations
Lauren Alvarez and Audrey Muller
Emily Bechen
Samantha Laughlin and Sabrina Pangelinan
Rylee Seekins, Ysabelle Saguin and Caroline Halvorson

April 24th Presentations
Heidi Parrett and Hannah Patrick
Amy Huang and Megan Bromley
Sherry Steppel and Makamae Nottage
Madi Ohashi and Lauren Nakashima

May 1st Presentations
Katie Adams and Sydney Fritz
Austin Gray

Students should incorporate one or more digital tools that demonstrate how to effectively integrate technology into a learning experience. Your goal is good alignment between the technology and the learning experience

Lessons can be “taught” as if being delivered to school age students or as “adult PD” as if delivered to peers.

Students should prepare a blog post (due when they are presenting) that explains your instructional goals and how they are supported / enhanced by the technology.

Be sure your post includes:

  1. target audience
  2. subject of lesson – embed or link to teaching content.
  3. instructional goal (what do you want students to know or be able to do)
  4. technology being used
  5. how technology supports instuctional goal

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