I am from the City of Sunshine

Isabella Horning

I am from the city of sunshine,

That knows no dreary days.

I’m from the city of rebirth,

Where opportunity is endless,

And life is forever thriving.

I’m a native in a city of transplants,

Drawn to the endless sunshine.

Countless smiling faces of people,

Who have landed in the place they once dreamed they’d call home.

Happy hearts, happy minds,

I’m home in the city of spontaneous adventure in the sun.

Eager to explore and find new places,

I’m home where adventure is right outside your door.

Others say I’ll melt,

They can’t image living in the triple digits,

But there’s nowhere like the smiling faces of home,

And the comfort from the glowing rays of sun.

I used Microsoft sway because of the ease of creating a product. The images are easy to find and add and there are so many quick ways to design a document. I’m looking forward to creating different get to know me projects with this tool.

Where is Home?

https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsWhere is Home?

My family is in the military

Where goodbyes are the norm

Where the meaning of home is a mystery

Because it is not where I was born.

I am from evergreens and roses

A hipster sort of haven

Where bridges span the town

Oregon is where I built my foundation.

I am from cornfields and yellow brick roads

Where you see sunflowers and tornadoes

A click of the heel will take you home

Kansas is where my family grows.

I am from peach trees and bumblebees

From red dirt and hay rides

A place where back roads free the soul

Georgia is where my family still resides.

I am from sunshine and rainbows

Where the swell is always rad

A place where board shorts are constantly worn under palm trees

Hawaii is where I was a high school grad.

Maybe home is a place where my heart feels most at peace

I’m thankful to have traveled with my family

It has built me piece by piece.

I used Adobe Express because it felt more user friendly when creating a poem. Similarly, I enjoy using the gliding picture tool in the app because it almost reminds me of a memory. When discussing different memories from different places I have lived, the gliding tool felt the most fitting. I think Microsoft Sway would be the most beneficial when presenting about a specific topic; however Adobe Express seemed the most helpful in terms of this assignment.


I am from a place deep rooted in love and culture

Where the people are kind and warm

They have thick skin

And despite the odds they face, they strive to win

I am from my parents, Kat and Pat

Two peas in a pod

My models for sure

When I feel sad, they’re my cure

I am from a role where I’m a big sister

I try to lead and protect

His name is Kian

He’s one of my best friends

I am in a place where I’m trying to ground my feet

At a university where I’m learning to teach

I’m excited to see

What the future holds for me

I choose to use Sway because I enjoyed how simple it was. This website is easy to understand and not hard to figure out. I think once you figure out the design aspect and how you want to present your information, it makes for a good resource to be used in the classroom (either by the students or for the students).

I Am From the Sunshine and Warmth

I am from a place created by the sun,

Where warmth allowed orange trees to flourish and farmers to succeed

Somewhere so beautiful, my parents couldn’t stand to leave.


I am from a city where happiness radiates year-round,

From summer concerts in the park with dripping popsicles

And Winter pool parties because the sun won’t allow the rain.


I am from beach trips before zero period

Dinner on the sand at 32nd street with California burritos, watching the sunset

And yacht rock concerts with my parents and their friends


I am from church on Sundays at the same church my mom was baptized and parents were married,

And nightly, home-cooked family dinners

Where anyone who needs a place to stay is always welcome.


I am from a neighborhood where friends become family,

Where everybody knows everybody

And a place that will always feel like home.


I am from Fullerton, a city in sunny Orange County.

I Am From the Sunshine and Warmth
My Adobe presentation!

I chose to use Adobe becuase I felt like it was the most user-friendly between the two options. I really liked the way that I was able to get images so easily and embed them into my project. I also thought that the final result was clean, looked nice, and was creative! I really like this platform and will definitely use it again. I think that it would be really cool to use this as a get to know me in the beginning of the year!

I am from

I am from
I am from Texas and the Pacific Northwest
I am from a life full of love for music
I am from a home full of storytellers
I am from long walks and sunsets
I am from theater
I am from a fascination of the ocean and the sky
I am from a pet-friendly home
I am from blue skies and billowing clouds
More than anything, I am from family.
https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI am from

I had a lot of fun messing around with adobe express. It’s very simple to use and user friendly while still allowing lots of room for creative freedom. I also love the simplistic nature of it, as it is not only easy to create a slideshow, but sharing and viewing them are also quite simple. I think this would be a great site for students to combine text, pictures, and videos in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing than your traditional slideshow presentation.

I Am From a History That Writes the Future

I am from generations that have cultivated the land

Spring seemingly endless under their guidance 

I am from the scent of pineapples that pervades the car

Even after my grandma has given them all away to her friends

Despite their insistence, “That’s enough, Judy, you gave me some last week!” 

I am from an island of longevity

Carved into my name in case I ever forget 

I am from a line of shining children 

Scribed into our identity as it were not obvious enough 

Without it documented on birth certificates 

I am from friendships that come and go

Easily filled and emptied like tide pools 

I am from the few pools that remained plentiful 

Because I am willing to trek over the intertidal zone 

And fill them up myself

I am from wisdom shaped like shooting stars

Because I’ll only see them if I pay enough attention

I am from days that end with grit and sweat

And the moon beckoning me to rest under her glow

I am from boundless love 

As powerful and life-giving as the Summer sun

I am from a history that writes the future

Shaped by life lessons, resilience, and passion

Shaped by celestial bodies that offer their comfort and treasures

Shaped by earth-bound bodies that carry all of this and me with them

I am from Maui, Hawaii

https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI Am From a History That Writes the Future

I decided to use Adobe Creative because it was very user-friendly when I used it during last week’s class and I enjoy its layout. It’s very simple and easy for me to understand, unlike Sway which confused me when I tried to use it. However, one thing that I didn’t like about Adobe Creative was how the website would display my work differently depending on a person’s tab. And so, it was difficult to plan out my images so that they showed exactly what I wanted. But the focal point function was helpful in this process. I just wish I didn’t have that concern in the first place.

Photo Credit:

I am from a place of gratitude

I am from the mountain, trees, grapes vines, and strawberry patches

I am from waking up from roosters, sheep, dogs, and the smell of coffee

I am from a family that is full of love and silliness

I am from family sunday dinners and thursday night survivor

I am from weekend getaways to our cabin in the woods, jeep and truck rides on bumpy dirt roads

I am from a town that burned down then together as a community we rebuilt with foundation of love, support, and strength

I am from a kind brother who inspired me

I am from weddings venues and flowers

I am from a place of gratitude for all of these great things in my life

https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI am from a place of gratitude

I chose Adobe Express because I thought it offered more options and was easy to use. I like the way it displays my images and glides through my presentation.

*All photos included on Adobe Express are my own*

I am From the Emerald City

I am from the emerald city,
From forbidden unbrellas, 
And sacred coffee.

I am from mountains and oceans,
From clouds and rain,
And from everything green.

I am from Alki Beach and Lincoln Park,
From cold water swims,
And reading in trees.

I am from community block parties,
From running into someone you know at the store,
And asking for sugar from a neighbor.

I am from a city who raised me,
From the community and village,
And my heart will always find a way home.
Sleepless in Seattle

What I liked about Adobe:

I have a little bit of experience with Adobe from photoshop and lightroom so it was fun to explore a new tool. I like that they have so many creative options when creating something new! I found the web page setting easy to figure out. I really liked that you could search for free images and Adobe credits the photos automatically at the end of the post.

I am from the State of Aloha

Photo by Brandon Cormier on Unsplash

I am from the state of aloha

Born and raised 

Surrounded by my family and friends

I am from the place with beautiful beaches

The blue crystal waters are what attracts the millions of tourists every year

I am from a place with an amazing variety of Ono food and desserts!

We are most well known for our poke 

And shave ice on a nice hot summer day 

This is my happy place!

https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI'm from the State of Aloha

Reasons why I like Adobe Creative

  1. It is simple and easy to use
  2. There are many options to share your photos (Glideshow, Photo grid, Split Layout)
  3. Others can explore your Adobe project
  4. Changeable themes to fit the type of project or assignment you are completing

I’m from the Sand & Sun

Photo by Sean Mullowney on Unsplash

I am from year-round sunshine and stellar sunsets
Drives along the coastline
And hikes in the hills

I am from the land of Torrey pines and tide pools
Fish tacos on the beach
And laidback neighbors

I am from a family-friendly area
Weekends at the zoo, SeaWorld, Legoland
And cheering at San Diego State football and Padres baseball games

I am from shorts and t-shirts weather
Surfing, skateboarding, soaking in the sun
And walks by palm trees and piers

I am from blue skies and beautiful beaches
Ice skating in Coronado and biking by Mission Bay
And ice cream whenever possible 

I am from “America’s finest city, ” San Diego, California

What I liked about Sway:

  • It was really easy to upload my own images
  • The design feature takes what I have uploaded and transforms it into a more aesthetically pleasing finished product
  • Sometimes I get overwhelmed if an editing tool has too many options so I liked the simplicity of Sway
  • I liked the horizontal display option

I am from those who built me

I am from Oahu, Hawai'i
from mauka and makai
poke and Okinawan soba 
sandy feet and salty hair 

but more importantly 

I am from mothers and fathers,
little sisters and even littler brothers 
I am from best friends - old and new  

I am from photo albums 
preserving people I used to be and 
people I long to see 
I am from those who built me
and those who keep me standing 
https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI am from those who built me

I was originally going to use Sway, as I wanted to try the different features out, however, the website was consistently shutting down whenever I tried to use it, so I decided to use Adobe instead. I am glad that I chose to switch to Adobe because I really like the way it looks and I don’t think it would have looked as nice on Sway. Sway seems to have more design options, but Adobe is a lot easier to use.

From where the sand meets the sea…

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Where I’m from…
I am from the salty sea,
From beautiful views and fresh flowers.
I am from sunsets at the beach,
where summer is here to stay.
I am from Maui, Hawai’i,
musubis and poke.
I am from long days spent with family.
I am from a family full of love.
I am from Maui, Hawai’i.
https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsFrom where the sand meets the sea...

I chose to use Adobe Express for this assignment because I really liked the transitions of each block/page. It is very easy to navigate the site and allowed me to customize my webpage in a way that I wanted.