I am From the Emerald City

I am from the emerald city,
From forbidden unbrellas, 
And sacred coffee.

I am from mountains and oceans,
From clouds and rain,
And from everything green.

I am from Alki Beach and Lincoln Park,
From cold water swims,
And reading in trees.

I am from community block parties,
From running into someone you know at the store,
And asking for sugar from a neighbor.

I am from a city who raised me,
From the community and village,
And my heart will always find a way home.
Sleepless in Seattle

What I liked about Adobe:

I have a little bit of experience with Adobe from photoshop and lightroom so it was fun to explore a new tool. I like that they have so many creative options when creating something new! I found the web page setting easy to figure out. I really liked that you could search for free images and Adobe credits the photos automatically at the end of the post.

3 Replies to “I am From the Emerald City”

  1. Marlee, what a charming tour of “your” Seattle. Glad you like the Adobe suite – This is so much simpler than Photoshop and you’ve used Express effective to capture the essence of your story. Small world. I have a PDX friend looking to move to Seattle. I can see why.

  2. Marlee! Your Adobe project was awesome! It felt like I just took a tour of Seattle and I think you really captured the impact of your poem in all your photo choices. Loved it!

  3. Great job, Marlee! I’ve already visited Seattle recently, but your presentation makes me want to go again! I enjoyed all the pictures you included (I can really see the resemblance between you and your grandma! both of yall so cute). I feel like you made a really great summary of everything Seattle has to offer. I also like how you mention “sacred coffee” in your poem because from my experiences, people from Seattle truly do love their coffee lol

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