I am from a place of gratitude

I am from the mountain, trees, grapes vines, and strawberry patches

I am from waking up from roosters, sheep, dogs, and the smell of coffee

I am from a family that is full of love and silliness

I am from family sunday dinners and thursday night survivor

I am from weekend getaways to our cabin in the woods, jeep and truck rides on bumpy dirt roads

I am from a town that burned down then together as a community we rebuilt with foundation of love, support, and strength

I am from a kind brother who inspired me

I am from weddings venues and flowers

I am from a place of gratitude for all of these great things in my life

https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI am from a place of gratitude

I chose Adobe Express because I thought it offered more options and was easy to use. I like the way it displays my images and glides through my presentation.

*All photos included on Adobe Express are my own*

3 Replies to “I am from a place of gratitude”

  1. Jenna, a powerful and loving portrait. You used Adobe well to display your photos and words. Your family’s cohesion and humor come thorough clearly. It looks like such a beautiful setting – that the fire photo comes as a shocker. I hope that wasn’t too devastating for you all.

  2. Hi Jenna!
    I enjoyed your I am poem and it was so fun to learn where you are from! I also like the adobe presentation you made, I agree that there a lot more options and it is very easy to use and operate!

  3. Jenna, I love this! What an incredible, fun way to learn about where your from. I thought the personal photos were such a nice touch also!

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