I Am From a History That Writes the Future

I am from generations that have cultivated the land

Spring seemingly endless under their guidance 

I am from the scent of pineapples that pervades the car

Even after my grandma has given them all away to her friends

Despite their insistence, “That’s enough, Judy, you gave me some last week!” 

I am from an island of longevity

Carved into my name in case I ever forget 

I am from a line of shining children 

Scribed into our identity as it were not obvious enough 

Without it documented on birth certificates 

I am from friendships that come and go

Easily filled and emptied like tide pools 

I am from the few pools that remained plentiful 

Because I am willing to trek over the intertidal zone 

And fill them up myself

I am from wisdom shaped like shooting stars

Because I’ll only see them if I pay enough attention

I am from days that end with grit and sweat

And the moon beckoning me to rest under her glow

I am from boundless love 

As powerful and life-giving as the Summer sun

I am from a history that writes the future

Shaped by life lessons, resilience, and passion

Shaped by celestial bodies that offer their comfort and treasures

Shaped by earth-bound bodies that carry all of this and me with them

I am from Maui, Hawaii

https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI Am From a History That Writes the Future

I decided to use Adobe Creative because it was very user-friendly when I used it during last week’s class and I enjoy its layout. It’s very simple and easy for me to understand, unlike Sway which confused me when I tried to use it. However, one thing that I didn’t like about Adobe Creative was how the website would display my work differently depending on a person’s tab. And so, it was difficult to plan out my images so that they showed exactly what I wanted. But the focal point function was helpful in this process. I just wish I didn’t have that concern in the first place.

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3 Replies to “I Am From a History That Writes the Future”

  1. Lannie, first off – that is an inspiring and insightful poem. So even before you start in with Spark, you’ve told a powerful story. The photo selection and layout highlight the text. Illustrating without distracting from the message. Well done!

  2. Lannie, this is such a beautiful piece and I love that it goes into the history of your family/home, while also drawing ties to the scenery and your memories. I love the emotion that you portrayed through the story. Great job!

  3. Hi Lannie! I loved reading this, you wrote such a beautiful story and the pictures that you attached really brought it to life. I also used Adobe creative and will definitely try to do some of the things that you did, like organizing and displaying photos. Great job!

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