I am from

I am from
I am from Texas and the Pacific Northwest
I am from a life full of love for music
I am from a home full of storytellers
I am from long walks and sunsets
I am from theater
I am from a fascination of the ocean and the sky
I am from a pet-friendly home
I am from blue skies and billowing clouds
More than anything, I am from family.
https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI am from

I had a lot of fun messing around with adobe express. It’s very simple to use and user friendly while still allowing lots of room for creative freedom. I also love the simplistic nature of it, as it is not only easy to create a slideshow, but sharing and viewing them are also quite simple. I think this would be a great site for students to combine text, pictures, and videos in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing than your traditional slideshow presentation.

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  1. Jack, what a charming and heartfelt story. A good demo of digital storytelling with a person touch.

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