I Am From the Sunshine and Warmth

I am from a place created by the sun,

Where warmth allowed orange trees to flourish and farmers to succeed

Somewhere so beautiful, my parents couldn’t stand to leave.


I am from a city where happiness radiates year-round,

From summer concerts in the park with dripping popsicles

And Winter pool parties because the sun won’t allow the rain.


I am from beach trips before zero period

Dinner on the sand at 32nd street with California burritos, watching the sunset

And yacht rock concerts with my parents and their friends


I am from church on Sundays at the same church my mom was baptized and parents were married,

And nightly, home-cooked family dinners

Where anyone who needs a place to stay is always welcome.


I am from a neighborhood where friends become family,

Where everybody knows everybody

And a place that will always feel like home.


I am from Fullerton, a city in sunny Orange County.

I Am From the Sunshine and Warmth
My Adobe presentation!

I chose to use Adobe becuase I felt like it was the most user-friendly between the two options. I really liked the way that I was able to get images so easily and embed them into my project. I also thought that the final result was clean, looked nice, and was creative! I really like this platform and will definitely use it again. I think that it would be really cool to use this as a get to know me in the beginning of the year!

4 Replies to “I Am From the Sunshine and Warmth”

  1. Kate, you made great use of Adobe to illustrate your story. Your text is interesting and the images really bring it to life. Good idea about using Adobe as a “get to know me” to kick off the school year.

  2. Kate, I really loved learning more about not only you but Orange County as well! What a beautiful area full of opportunity and natural beauty. I hope to visit there one day since my best friend goes to college there. Great job giving variety to your presentation, I enjoyed the different layouts you used!

  3. Kate, I always love seeing your presentations because I think they’re so cutely made up and organized. It clearly tells a story and I loved the pictures and captions. Overall great job!

  4. Kate, your post really made me want to visit. Your adobe site really conveyed the warmth of Fullerton and I can see why you like it so much.

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