I am from the State of Aloha

Photo by Brandon Cormier on Unsplash

I am from the state of aloha

Born and raised 

Surrounded by my family and friends

I am from the place with beautiful beaches

The blue crystal waters are what attracts the millions of tourists every year

I am from a place with an amazing variety of Ono food and desserts!

We are most well known for our poke 

And shave ice on a nice hot summer day 

This is my happy place!

https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI'm from the State of Aloha

Reasons why I like Adobe Creative

  1. It is simple and easy to use
  2. There are many options to share your photos (Glideshow, Photo grid, Split Layout)
  3. Others can explore your Adobe project
  4. Changeable themes to fit the type of project or assignment you are completing

2 Replies to “I am from the State of Aloha”

  1. Kasidy, Great job using Adobe to visualize your story. Nice to see your family – that’s quite a clan. And what a beautiful location. I made the mistake of viewing this right before dinner – now I’m starving!

  2. Kasidy! Your poem was super cute and I loved your Adobe project. I especially liked how you used many different design options and did not use only one kind of feature. Thanks for sharing!

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