Where is Home?

https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsWhere is Home?

My family is in the military

Where goodbyes are the norm

Where the meaning of home is a mystery

Because it is not where I was born.

I am from evergreens and roses

A hipster sort of haven

Where bridges span the town

Oregon is where I built my foundation.

I am from cornfields and yellow brick roads

Where you see sunflowers and tornadoes

A click of the heel will take you home

Kansas is where my family grows.

I am from peach trees and bumblebees

From red dirt and hay rides

A place where back roads free the soul

Georgia is where my family still resides.

I am from sunshine and rainbows

Where the swell is always rad

A place where board shorts are constantly worn under palm trees

Hawaii is where I was a high school grad.

Maybe home is a place where my heart feels most at peace

I’m thankful to have traveled with my family

It has built me piece by piece.

I used Adobe Express because it felt more user friendly when creating a poem. Similarly, I enjoy using the gliding picture tool in the app because it almost reminds me of a memory. When discussing different memories from different places I have lived, the gliding tool felt the most fitting. I think Microsoft Sway would be the most beneficial when presenting about a specific topic; however Adobe Express seemed the most helpful in terms of this assignment.

3 Replies to “Where is Home?”

  1. Elizabeth, Great writing meets charming photos in this post. Glad you have a place you consider home. Well done! I thought your distinction between Sway (presenting specific topic) vs Adobe (poetic / visual expression) was an interesting distinction.

    My son-in-law is in the State Dept. So our grandkids have a similar traveling background. Though they have now settled in Portland.

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Your poem was written so beautifully and I loved learning about all of the places you call home. I loved the pictures you added in your Adobe, it really added to your poem! Great job with this presentation!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your poem, Elizabeth! It really took to me around the country, giving me imagery of places I’ve never been to before but now would like to visit! I also enjoyed the rhyming, I feel like I haven’t seen that in many poems I’ve read thus far. The visuals were really heartwarming and the structuring of your web page helped me understand when we were transitioning to new places and your poem is grouped into stanzas. Great job!

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