I am from the City of Sunshine

Isabella Horning

I am from the city of sunshine,

That knows no dreary days.

I’m from the city of rebirth,

Where opportunity is endless,

And life is forever thriving.

I’m a native in a city of transplants,

Drawn to the endless sunshine.

Countless smiling faces of people,

Who have landed in the place they once dreamed they’d call home.

Happy hearts, happy minds,

I’m home in the city of spontaneous adventure in the sun.

Eager to explore and find new places,

I’m home where adventure is right outside your door.

Others say I’ll melt,

They can’t image living in the triple digits,

But there’s nowhere like the smiling faces of home,

And the comfort from the glowing rays of sun.

I used Microsoft sway because of the ease of creating a product. The images are easy to find and add and there are so many quick ways to design a document. I’m looking forward to creating different get to know me projects with this tool.

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