Grow Plant Grow!

Hailey & Chloe

Photo by Bart Zimny on Unsplash

1st Grade Science

Instructional Goal: Students will learn and understand the parts of a plant and how each of them contribute to a plant’s survival.

Outline of lesson process (explanation to fellow teachers):

1. show this video to help students learn about the parts of a plant

2. have students practice labeling the parts of a flower on the first slide of the Jamboard

3. have students do a 3-2-1 (3 things you learned, 2 things you want to learn more about and 1 thing you need to learn again) on the second slide of the Jamboard

Tech resource for this lesson: Jamboard (activity & exit ticket)

How tech resource supports instructional goal: This tech resource supports the instructional goal of having students understand the parts of a plant because it is a way for them to test their knowledge of what they have learned. The second slide of the Jamboard will help the teacher know how well their students grasped the key concepts and will give them feedback if re-teaching is necessary.

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  1. Hailey and Chloe, Jamboard is a user-friendly way to gather content and let students demonstrate what they’ve learned.

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