I’m from the Sand & Sun

Photo by Sean Mullowney on Unsplash

I am from year-round sunshine and stellar sunsets
Drives along the coastline
And hikes in the hills

I am from the land of Torrey pines and tide pools
Fish tacos on the beach
And laidback neighbors

I am from a family-friendly area
Weekends at the zoo, SeaWorld, Legoland
And cheering at San Diego State football and Padres baseball games

I am from shorts and t-shirts weather
Surfing, skateboarding, soaking in the sun
And walks by palm trees and piers

I am from blue skies and beautiful beaches
Ice skating in Coronado and biking by Mission Bay
And ice cream whenever possible 

I am from “America’s finest city, ” San Diego, California

What I liked about Sway:

  • It was really easy to upload my own images
  • The design feature takes what I have uploaded and transforms it into a more aesthetically pleasing finished product
  • Sometimes I get overwhelmed if an editing tool has too many options so I liked the simplicity of Sway
  • I liked the horizontal display option

4 Replies to “I’m from the Sand & Sun”

  1. Hailey! I loved your post for this week, I liked the poem that you put together. I liked how you laid out your Sway post. I think it was super interesting and different from how you had it moved left to right rather than up to down. I agree with a lot of your reasons for Sway, I thought it worked quite with your post for the week. Overall, such a great post!

  2. Hailey, San Diego is such a beautiful place and your Sway captures what makes it special to you. Every nice day in Portland I try to get out. If I lived in San Diego, I fear I would never get anything done. But on these gray rainy days in PDX, I’d gladly trade sun for productivity.

  3. Hailey, I love how you captivated the scenery you described and matched it to your photos. This is a really beautiful story and I love how meaningful San Diego is to you!

  4. Hailey, you really brought your city to life in such a personable, engaging way! Your photos were so fun and your words made me feel like I was walking through your town with you.

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