Class 12: Get Started with iBooks Author

This week we will spend some time looking at Apple’s versatile publishing app –  iBooks Author (iBA). We will then begin the process of designing a showcase book to be published on iTunes. Click here to see my many student-designed iBooks on iTunes. Building on what we’ve already done, iBA can easily accept audio, video […]

Class 11: Turn Videos into Lessons

Because video is such a powerful and versatile instructional tool we have devoted three classes to different methods of video creation: ScreenCasting – Loom, Quicktime Player iMovie Video App Smackdown – Toontastic, Clips, Adobe Spark Video One we didn’t mention: You can create a slide presentation (Keynote, Powerpoint, Google slides) and then export it as […]

Class 10: Video App Smackdown

Following last week’s look at iMovie, we’ll look at three free video-creation apps – Toontastic, Clips and Adobe Spark Video. All are easy-to-use for video storytelling and are popular with teachers and folks who want to produce fun video content for their social networks.  We will also work in teams to review the apps for […]

Class 9: Movie Making with iMovie

Today’s class will be held in the Digital Lab of Clark Library – and taught by José Velazco, Digital Lab Coordinator. We’ll get training on iMovie (an Apple video making app). We will also consider how video creation can be used by students and teachers. Resources: Apple’s overview of  iMovie Lynda iMovie course – free for […]

Class 8: Thinking About the Future of Education

This week’s class will meet in the Clark Library Digital Lab. The focus will be on sampling some emerging edtech trends with our guide – José Velazco, the Digital Lab’s Digital Initiatives Coordinator. We’ll sample three exciting new directions in Ed Tech – Virtual Reality, 3D Printing and coding for kids..   Virtual Reality – […]

Class 7: Foster Student Engagement in the 1:1 Classroom

Today we’ll look at a variety of tools to support student engagement in the 1:1 classroom. While we realize not all classrooms have devices for every student, it is the direction we’re headed. To help simulate the experience, we’ll have the iPad cart. Ben will introduce Padlet – an app that enables users to create an online […]

Class 6: Digital Storytelling with Sway

This week we will explore digital storytelling using a Microsoft app called Sway. We’ll be joined by UP instructional designer –  Ben Kahn. One can think of digital storytelling as the modern extension of the ancient art of storytelling, now interwoven with digitized still and moving images and sound. Thanks to new media and digital […]

Class 5: Explore Place with MyMaps

Places are locations having distinctive features that give them meaning and character that differs from other locations. Therefore, places are human creations, and people’s lives are grounded in particular places. We come from a place, we live in a place, and we preserve and exhibit fierce pride over places. National Geography Standard 4: Place Exploring […]

Class 4: Collaborate With Google Slides

This week’s class kicks off a multi-class exploration of Google Tools. First up Google Slides. As a pre-assessment we will jump into a shared GSlide and edit it using whatever features we know. Then we’ll present the collaborative slide show using Google Slides “Q and A Presenter mode.” Next we’ll have some training in using […]

Class 2: Digital Literacy

This class will lead off with a  discussion of our first class and assignment. Next, Peter will do a short presentation: “Digital Literacy” It explores the skills we need to be “literate in the modern world.” Find, decode and critically evaluate information Curate, store and responsibly share information Digital literacy handout.key To hone our digital literacy […]