Class 4: Collaborate With Google Slides

This week’s class kicks off a multi-class exploration of Google Tools. First up Google Slides. As a pre-assessment we will jump into a shared GSlide and edit it using whatever features we know. Then we’ll present the collaborative slide show using Google Slides “Q and A Presenter mode.”

Next we’ll have some training in using Google slides. We will also share some ideas for using Google Slides in the classroom. Here’s some important links

Assignment 4: Due Feb 14 | completed work

Work with one or two partners to  design a learning activity using a Google Slide. It could be material you develop for students using Google Slides or an activity that you would expect students to create using G Slides.

Each team can collaborate on a blog post (or team members can write separate individual posts). Either way include an embed of the slide presentation and describes how you or the students might use the slides in a learning activity. You may also want to add some comments about what you learned from the lesson.

Note: You can assign multiple authors to one post by using box at bottom of WordPress new post page. Just start typing the name and click it to activate and add as co-author.



Image source: Štefan Štefančík / Adobe Spark Post

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