Khan Academy Tutorial

Khan Academy is an online resource that provides videos, practice problems, and quizzes for students. This is a great website for parents to use in order to better support their child with homework.  Parents can watch a video to revisit  fractions, or learn with their child and go through online practice problems together. Khan Academy provides support for all grade levels in a variety of subjects, and offers parents a great opportunity to prioritize education while  spending time with their child. I have included a brief tutorial below to help parents get started!

2 Replies to “Khan Academy Tutorial”

  1. Excellent. Very well organized and delivered. You kept it brief and instructive. I imagine a parent would find it very useful

  2. This looks like a great site! I had heard of it before but never used it (I’m pretty great at math, so never found the need). Will definitely be keeping this in my back pocket for future use though!

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