Lesson Planning Just Got A Little More Fun

This place value lesson was created on TED-ED and was made for 1st-3rd graders. Place value can be an extremely difficult concept to master especially when students are provided with only blocks, pencils and paper to help them. This place value song is catchy and offers visuals and fun word problems to help students connect […]

Annotating in an Elementary Classroom

This Padlet can be used to help upper elementary students keep track of their symbols they use when annotating documents. Students would be able to add their own symbols, pictures, or color coding system that they use. The students can refer to this Padlet when collaborating with peers in order to better understand and identify […]

The Constitution: A Story

This Sway presentation was created with a 5th grade Social Studies lesson in mind. This overview of the Constitution breaks down the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How that providing students with necessary background information. Also included in this Sway presentation is a School House Rock video that transforms these facts into a catchy […]