Lesson Proposal- TED-Ed

Over the course of this semester I have learned about a lot of different tools and programs. This class has opened my eyes to the positive contribution technology can have to classroom lessons and how technology can be used to support rather than distract. 

One program that I was really impressed by is TED-Ed due to its ability to transform basic mini-lessons into lessons that can be accessed outside of the classroom. TED-Ed provides teachers with a slew of educational opportunities and allows parents to take part in their child’s learning. TED-Ed is a great way to extend lessons, can be used in a flipped-classroom, allows students to review classroom material and is also a way for students to view lessons when absent. I plan on providing teachers with a brief tutorial on how to use TED-Ed for their future lessons and will also go over the pros and cons of using this program. I will model how TED-Ed can be used in the classroom by creating a fifth grade science lesson.

In this lesson plan,  I will include a YouTube video of the characteristics of planets in the solar system. This description of the planets is in the form of a catchy song and will especially help the majority of students who require visuals to learn. TED-Ed also allows for the inclusion of questions that can serve as a formative assessment after watching the video. In addition, students can respond to an open-ended discussion question as well as click access an NGSS website for supplemental information. This website aligns with grade level standards and  offers additional vocabulary and lessons that will support the learning already taking place in the classroom. This TED-Ed lesson, once completed, will be accessible for teachers to use and share, and will also serve as an example of how TED-Ed can be incorporated in the classroom. 

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  1. Great idea. Would be useful for others to find about TEDed, learn how to use it, and see your example. Great chance to offer tips. We’ll talk about some ways to do all that using iBooks Author.

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