Greetings From the Future

March 17, 2033,

Dear Kiana,

The past 15 years have gone by so quickly. I remember when Google Classroom first took off and now every classroom has their own website for students to visit and find classroom resources. Students still go to school in person, but are now able to re-watch lessons at home for additional help. Thankfully, all students have a school provided computer with internet access built in so everyone has access to learning online!

Another part of the classroom that has changed, is the inclusion of virtual reality. Students are now able to see inside a cell, or around the entire solar system. Learning has become even more engaging and exciting thanks to these types of tools. Coding and computer science has also become an important part of classroom learning and I am doing my best to keep up!

Although a lot has changed since I sat in my EDTech Methods class in college, some things have still remained the same. Kindergarten students are still five year olds, and they still need guidance despite their seemingly innate ability to work with technology. Students use iPads and computers a lot more than they have in the past, but movement is still an integral part of the day. There are a lot of different apps and websites that encourage movement, however, there are periods when students can unplug and enjoy the world in front of them.

Overall, everything is well in the future and I’m definitely looking forward to another 15 years of progress and innovation in the classroom!


Your future self


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