“Giant Tablets, Holograms, and VR, Oh My!”

Dear Melissa,                                                                          March 18, 2033

Your love for teaching has grown since your EdTech Methods class, even fifteen years from now! You love having your own classroom and being at a school who has continued to support your passion. I am giving you a heads up that a lot of things have changed fifteen years from now, but you have implemented many tools to keep the foundation of learning the same. First off, you still have your own classroom and are able to organize your classroom any way you wish. There are still desks, chairs, books, and whiteboards. You kept the traditional school environment as a back up in case the technology did not work. Your classes at UP definitely prepared you for this type of environment.

However, you are still realizing how much the world is changing and you are now becoming a student living in this technological world. While there are desks, they are covered with giant tablets. They cover half the desks and are now used for students to take their notes, record their observations, and write their essays. Pencils and pens are replaced with styluses. Students no longer have physical textbooks, rather they can pull up the books on their individual, mini  tablets and highlight their texts with styluses. In the back of the classroom, there are virtual reality headsets allowing students to travel to different lands, and explore the circulatory system in the body. As a teacher, you would have Smart Boards, except this time, they have the hologram feature. These can project off the screen and show students geometry techniques, and how a volcano erupts.

Students will be able to interact with their lessons and ask teachers questions right from their desks in IPad applications. The future is looking so exciting and you have back up plans in case technology is not on your side for a lesson! Get excited Miss Sta. Maria because fifteen years from now education will be changing for the better!

From, Miss Sta. Maria


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  1. Melissa,
    Your title is so clever I love it! I like how you talked about how some of the traditional methods of learning will be transformed! Awesome letter to your future self!

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