To My Future Self

Dear Hanna,

If you thought technology was taking over the classroom back in 2018, wait till you see its advancements in 2033! It seemed like just yesterday that I was sitting in Ed Tech class learning how to involve technology in my teaching, and now there is no way around it. There are so many amazing ways that technology helps your students nowadays, from holographic images of historical events to personal devices given to all students that contains their homework, books, planners, paper and so much more. Schools now provide this device to all students in hopes of reducing the amount of paper used, and it seems to be working fairly well! Although there are so many forms of technology available, we still have hard copies of books in a well stocked library, face to face interactions, and outside time. Technology may have enhanced our classroom learning, but it sure didn’t take away the important interactions we need to learn about in school as well.

In just 15 short years, a classroom looks so different than it did when I was back in college. It is so important to continue having an open mind as you did sitting in Ed Tech class, because who knows where this technology will take us in the next fifty plus years!

-Your future self

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  1. Hello Hanna – I enjoyed your post! The last paragraph of your post really made me think. 15 years ago we did not even have iPhones of iPads, but now these devices are in the hands of every student. I wonder what will be the most different about the classrooms we are in 15 years from now.

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