Letter to My Future Self

Dear Laura,

Even though it seems impossible, technology has become increasingly more complex since you were in college. It seems like just yesterday you were in your EdTech class, learning about things you had never heard of before. In classrooms today, we are using forms of technology you never would have imagined to exist. For example, in our history classes, we are able to have students enter full body virtual historical reenactments! It’s almost like time travel! Believe it or not, history as actually become one of students’ favorite subjects, since it’s the most interactive. Engineering is also now a required class that students need to take every year starting in elementary school. If we don’t have enough engineers now, our world will basically end.

If there is one piece of advice I could give you, it would be to put more effort into researching different ways to use technology in the classroom. It may not be as relevant today, but it will definitely serve as stepping stones to being technologically literate in the future. I would also tell you to start encouraging more of your students to be open to the idea of engineering.

-Future Laura

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  1. Laura, I really liked your idea of entering full body historical reenactments! Kids would love this idea because it places them in the scene rather than reading about them in textbooks or seeing them in movies. I also loved your advice because it makes you as the teacher more knowledgable and willing to seek our these opportunities.

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