Class 9: Movie Making with iMovie

Today’s class will be held in the Digital Lab of Clark Library – and taught by José Velazco, Digital Lab Coordinator. We’ll get training on iMovie (an Apple video making app). We will also consider how video creation can be used by students and teachers.
Lynda iMovie course – free for UP students 
Apple’s iMovie user guide
Assignment: Due Tuesday March 27 | Completed Work

Choice A
: Search how video creation is being used by teachers at your grade level. Write up a post that shares one (or more) video creation ideas for students and / or teachers.

  • Give a brief overview of the project(s)
  • Be sure to cite the source.
  • Write what you like about the project – how could you see yourself using that approach in the classroom?
Choice B: Use iMovie to create a learning resource. You can upload to your own YouTube account or UP’s MediaSpace
  • Include the video in a blog post explaining how you would use the video content in the a learning activity.
  • Use HTML snippets to embed the YouTube or Media Space video into your blog post.

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