Dear Lauren

Dear younger self,

Boy, has the world of education changed with the help of technology. Fifteen years ago these things would have never been imaginable. After a handful of years teaching now you are adapting well to what technology has to offer in the classroom. If you remember back in your ed tech class you had the chance to experience virtual reality, this gadget has been implemented in every classroom for all sorts of interactions that used to never be possible. Students are now given so many amazing opportunities they would have never had previously. Virtually reality gives students a look into different fields of study they may some day be interested in studying for their career. Along with virtual reality, new learning opportunities have been created to make the classroom even more hands on and interactive, which has proven to be the most beneficial way students learn.

As you grow in your career always remember to be open to new experiences and opportunities given to you through technology. Your students will have a whole new world in their hands that you could have never imagined possible.

-Future self

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