Some Things Never Change

Hello humans,

Greetings from the year 2033. Fifteen years have elapsed since you were enrolled in that engaging class where you began to scratch the surface of the substantial influence technology – like myself – has and will continue to have in the classroom.

Oh… did I forget to introduce myself? Some of these human conventions still zip right beyond my circuitry. I am LUNA, Mr. Krautscheid’s virtual assistant. He was running a bit behind today (as usual), so he asked me to write a letter to all of you on his behalf. Let’s get to it then.

Education and teaching have come a long way since 2018. Much has changed, much has stayed the same. Kids are still kids – often full of laughter, mischief, and curiosity. Classroom relationships are still integral to how the classroom functions, but the formation and continuation of these relationships has largely changed. It seems kids must be met through their screens in our time. They all have one and the old “off-and-away” mantra has long passed. Technology is more important to the classroom today than  traditional books, lab experiments, or art projects. But do not fret, we computers collaborate  with teachers and computers to better serve each student as an individual and a member of their community. We are truly accomplishing great things for students of all abilities. I also have one more piece of good news for you…

Although the vast majority of services and programs you learned about in ED 424 are now completely obsolete, the skills you learned in that class – many of which you named on the first day – will continue to bring you success today and for the rest of your career. Skills like being flexible, adaptable, and curious will always serve you well no matter what technology comes or goes – as it says in the title, some things never change.

I hope this message helps you looked forward into the future, our future with more hope and excitement than ever before. I can not wait for you to see all of the good that technology continues to do in our classrooms, our communities, and society overall.

See you in 15 years – LUNA,

On behalf of Mr. Krautscheid.

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