A Personal Reflection on ED-Tech

Throughout this semester in ED Tech Methods, we engaged with a plethora of software, tools, and applications that can enhance student learning. In both independent and group work, we created projects using these tools and wrote blog posts (similar to this one) about our experiences with each tool. Although much of the technology used in […]

iBooks: An ED-Tech Celebration

For our final classroom project, I suggest we create an iBook that encapsulates all that we have learned, created, and explored during our time in ED 424. This iBook could serve as a resource for teachers, students, and parents – regardless of age, technological capability, or subject area. In this iBook, each author would write […]

Use Cases for Clips, Toontastic, and Adobe Spark Video

After thoroughly using and reviewing three popular video apps, it became clear that not one of these apps offers a one-size-fits-all solution to video creation in the classroom. Between Clips, Toontastic, and Adobe Spark, each app offers variability in terms of capabilities, simplicity, and functionality. So how can a teacher ever know which app to […]

Video: Changing History

It is impossible to write about using video to teach high school social studies without mentioning CrashCourse. CrashCourse is a collaborate educational platform spearheaded by brothers John and Hank Green. Their videos cover virtually everything one might expect to learn in school, from English to physics and computer science to psychology. I find that their […]

Padlet for President – and other Branches of Government too

Hello everyone – thanks for stopping by! This week we are exploring a new program called Padlet. In this example, we used Padlet to create a interactive flowchart outlining the branches of the United States government. This tool offers students a quick collection of videos, pictures, and information as they begin their government course. Whether […]

Sway Back When: With President Lincoln

Hello everyone, Browse the Sway creation below to walk through the life of America’s most memorable President, Abraham Lincoln. Lean about Abe’s childhood, vote on his serendipitous decision to grow a beard, and learn about his untimely end. If you could ask President Lincoln one question, what would it be? What would you add to […]

MyMaps to Facilitate Classroom Relationships

In this project, students and teachers will create a MyMap of their own that illustrates where they are from. Students should use pictures, videos, and short dialogue to inform their maps. The students are free to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing. This may include homes, schools, favorite restaurants, or general cities. We ask students […]

Interactive Titration Pre-Lab

This Google Slides project allows students to work through a pre-lab, gain back ground knowledge, see an example experiment, and even input data from their own experiment. This will cut down on distractions and create one, easily accessible place for student to generate, record, and share their work. Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons