Video: Changing History

It is impossible to write about using video to teach high school social studies without mentioning CrashCourse. CrashCourse is a collaborate educational platform spearheaded by brothers John and Hank Green. Their videos cover virtually everything one might expect to learn in school, from English to physics and computer science to psychology. I find that their history content is especially well done. Teachers can use CrashCourse videos to supplement lesson plans, offer students review material, or even flip the classroom to allow for more in-class discussion time. Here is a description of CrashCourse from the creators themselves:

Their videos are engaging, quick, and informative – a perfect combination for teachers and students alike.  As access to information online become more readily available, I wonder what changes we will see in the functions of classrooms, schools, and curriculum.

How would you use CrashCourse videos in your class?

How has the availability of online educational content influenced how you teach and learn?

Video from: YouTube/CrashCourse

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