Creating Multimedia Books with iMovie

In my search of ways to use iMovie in elementary-age classrooms, I came across the suggestion of using it to create multimedia books. To do this a teacher would ask students to read their story aloud (record it) and draw pictures to go with them (illustrate). Another idea would be to take pictures of students acting out their story and insert them into iMovie. To start the students in their writing, you could use themes or ideas that you are teaching such as letters, shapes, biomes, plants, opposites, etc. or ask that they write an about me book similar to the ones in the example video I found. Students write stories all the time, why not turn them into a multimedia experience!

All About Me Multimedia Books from Title IID – Queens, NYCDOE! on Vimeo.

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  1. Creative use of a variety of apps – Scribblepress, Voicethread, movie files and QR codes. All with pre-K!

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