iMovie in the Classroom

This embedded video is an example I found on youtube of a student made trailer using imovie based on the topic they are currently studying in that class.  Often students have a lot of fun using Imovie to make a trailer to showcase what they learn and this is a win-win situation because it allows you as the teacher to assess what the students have learned while also giving the students a chance to engage with and share their knowledge in a fun way. Imovie and video can be such a beneficial tool in the classroom allow students an active and creative way to express the knowledge they have learned to the teacher or to create a fun classwide project for the parents. Using video in the classroom also allows students the opportunity to bring in clips from things they experience outside of the classroom and yet relate back to what they are learning, for example if they are learning about the weather students could include actual clips of the weather outside. Another use for video in the classroom is teachers using it to introduce a topic to students or explain important concepts they are learning about in a way that is more likely to capture the students attention.

I think overall video can be a very useful and engaging tool in the classroom. I think that it can also be very fun as the teacher to look at how your students learn differently and what they choose to highlight as important in their videos, and it is also interesting to see how their videos are the same or different even if they are on the same topic.

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