The Great Escape: Writing Prompt

This week we learned how to use iMovie and then were given the task of creating a learning resource. I have used iMovie to create a, hopefully, more engaging writing prompt to show to students before they begin their brainstorming and writing process . This was inspired by our previous post about classroom’s of the future. I envisioned more visual methods of instruction being incorporated via technology and believe that iMovie writing prompts would be a great start. Although I would also provide students with this prompt in written form, showing students an iMovie writing prompt would likely be more interesting and exciting for most students. At times it can be difficult as a student to visualize what the prompt is asking of them when there are no images that go with it. This is a way to add both text and images to a prompt in a unique way. I can definitely foresee myself creating more iMovie writing prompts for future students as a way to make free writes fun!

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