iMovie How to – Ideas for the Classroom

When experimenting with iMovie in class, I realized how easy and accessible it is not only for me as a teacher, but also for students. All that is needed is an idea, videos, and creativity. I had this idea and it really could be used for any subject of school. I thought that students could use iMovie to either reenact scenes from a book they are reading in class, reenact a history lesson, or even perform science experiments.

Through not only reading about these occurrences but actually reenacting will offer students to be more hands on.  This will give them extra insight on what they are learning. Since students will be recording themselves, they can also present their movies in front of the class which will give insight to the other students findings and interpretations of the lesson. This will spike students creativity which I think is very important in the classroom.

I was having trouble finding an example for this, but  I really do think this was be a beneficial way of learning.

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