Toontastic 3D App Review

Toontastic is an app created by Google aimed at young “future authors, directors, musicians, inventors, and anyone else” that want to try their hand at a creative platform for storytelling. There are three options to choose from at the start: short story, classic story, and science report; each coming with a basic outline for children […]

Creating Multimedia Books with iMovie

In my search of ways to use iMovie in elementary-age classrooms, I came across the suggestion of using it to create multimedia books. To do this a teacher would ask students to read their story aloud (record it) and draw pictures to go with them (illustrate). Another idea would be to take pictures of students […]

Are You There Margaret? It’s Me Margaret.

 Dear Margaret, Time travel is possible. That got your attention didn’t it? Ok, so it’s not fully possible in the way you might be thinking – sending humans through time to experience the 1800s and all. But we are able to send back letters like this one right here. (Everything we write of course has […]

Sorting A Class Library Using Padlet

This Padlet would be used by teachers to sort the books in their classroom library. In this example, I sorted the books by their guided reading levels, however, you can sort them many other ways (genre, author, etc.) Included with each book are possible instructions that could go along with that text making it easy to […]

Cute But Deadly Animals on MyMaps

By: Margaret Buzard and Melissa Sta. Maria This lesson would be used during a science unit on dangerous animals. On MyMaps, you will notice several different icons and their general locations on the map. Once you click on a particular icon, you will see the  adorable picture of the animal that lives there. However, if […]

Go The Disney Distance…

By: Margaret Buzard and Melissa Sta. Maria For our collaborative Google slide activity, we have created a Disney Jeopardy game. Our game has three categories: Songs, Movies, and Characters. Students would see this example as inspiration for them to create their own Jeopardy games. Our hope is that our students will use this format (found […]

Introduction to Zearn

According to their website: “Zearn Math is a coherent and rigorous K-5 curriculum delivered in a personalized rotational model. Zearn is designed so that each day, students work through engaging digital content at their own pace and learn targeted lessons with their teacher and peers. Students learn by demonstrating their math thinking with concrete and […]