Introduction to Zearn

According to their website: “Zearn Math is a coherent and rigorous K-5 curriculum delivered in a personalized rotational model. Zearn is designed so that each day, students work through engaging digital content at their own pace and learn targeted lessons with their teacher and peers. Students learn by demonstrating their math thinking with concrete and virtual manipulatives, explaining their reasoning aloud and on paper, and receiving personalized support throughout their learning. “

Here’s a little video to introduce it better…

4 Replies to “Introduction to Zearn”

  1. Margaret,
    I thought your screencast was informative and interesting! I have not heard of this website before but it sounds like something I would want to introduce to my future students! Thank you for sharing!

  2. My students use this website for their math class and some of them even go on at home to either catch up or get ahead of the lessons. I liked that you showed the teacher view also, seeing the other side of a website is always interesting for me because I like to see what the teacher really can see about their students and if the information is helpful or not.

  3. I liked the way you had two tabs open to show both the login and what it looks like inside the site. Saves time and keeps the video moving along. Nice intro to the site

  4. Margaret, I loved the way you talked about something you learned from your field experience classroom. I think it is an excellent way to help students connect with math in a new way! Also your image really states what your screen cast is about.

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