Cute But Deadly Animals on MyMaps

By: Margaret Buzard and Melissa Sta. Maria

This lesson would be used during a science unit on dangerous animals. On MyMaps, you will notice several different icons and their general locations on the map. Once you click on a particular icon, you will see the  adorable picture of the animal that lives there. However, if you click the arrow to see the next image, you discover the dangerous side of the animal. Below these images, you will find the common location of this animal as well as the reasoning for why they are so dangerous.

In our field experience classrooms, we have noticed how excited kids get when they see dangerous animals. These are typically creatures they may not see on a daily basis, so this lesson would build on their curiosity and invite  them to explore the world around them. Students could upload their own cute, but deadly animal to understand how appearances can be deceiving. 

3 Replies to “Cute But Deadly Animals on MyMaps”

  1. Excellent. Great lesson idea. Well designed for clarity and navigation. I love clicking from the cute wubby to killer. Kids will too.

  2. Another hit, Margaret and Melissa! I agree with Peter – quite a fun surprise going from cute picture to deadly picture. Bravo!

  3. Such a cool idea that I could definitely see students getting engaged in. I think students would have a lot of fun clicking around and seeing what cute but deadly animals you as the teacher found and then having the adventure of going out and trying to find their own cute but deadly animal and explaining why it is deadly.

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