Local Portland Universities

This is a resource for highschool students who are exploring their post-graduation options and wish to stay in or move to the Portland area. The map shows the locations of various colleges located in and around Portland, OR. Clicking on one of the universities displays a snippet of information about the school, their logo, and […]

“Apples to Oregon” by Deborah Hopkinson (Interactive Story Map)

By Dylan Hite, Hanna Knouf, and Laura Barros     Title of Book: Apples to Oregon: Being the (Slightly) True Narrative of How a Brave Pioneer Father Brought Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Grapes, and Cherries (and Children) Across the Plains Author: Deborah Hopkinson Illustrator: Nancy Carpenter Year written: 2004 This story is about a family of farmers […]

Cute But Deadly Animals on MyMaps

By: Margaret Buzard and Melissa Sta. Maria This lesson would be used during a science unit on dangerous animals. On MyMaps, you will notice several different icons and their general locations on the map. Once you click on a particular icon, you will see the  adorable picture of the animal that lives there. However, if […]

MyMaps to Facilitate Classroom Relationships

In this project, students and teachers will create a MyMap of their own that illustrates where they are from. Students should use pictures, videos, and short dialogue to inform their maps. The students are free to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing. This may include homes, schools, favorite restaurants, or general cities. We ask students […]