Schools around the World

By Madison Hughes and Bridget Ponzetti

Our lesson is based on the article, “How classrooms look around the world-in 15 amazing photographs,” by Valerie Strauss. Our goal for this lesson is for students to be exposed to different classrooms and cultures around the world. The classroom settings range from Russia to Brazil, and the students range from primary school to secondary school. One classroom in Pakistan is very minimalist, and illustrates how through a lack of resources, but a great deal of imagination, the outdoors can become a classroom. In contrast, one classroom in Morocco exhibits their creativity through paintings on the walls. The students will be able to compare and contrast their own personal experience in school with the students in the photographs. Students will become open-minded and globally curious. Students, through reflection, will gain an appreciation for the resources that they have.

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  1. Excellent lesson idea. A great way to support global thinking and to get students to reflect on how there lives compare with their peers around the world.

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