How Do We Get to School? Lesson Add-On

This lesson is an add-on to a math lesson about graphing the ways that the kids in our class get to school. This will go in the beginning of the main lesson to introduce the idea that other people around the world get to school in ways other than the typical ones that we in Portland think of (walking, biking, car, or bus).

While showing these pictures to the class, I will ask them what other ways do they know of that kids could get to school? Then I will read the book This Is the Way We Go to School: A Book About Children Around the World by Edith Bauer. This will add to the children’s knowledge about modes of transportation, before continuing on to the rest of the lesson.

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Image Sources:

Bull Cart Ride, Sigiriya

Kids Portrait, Moscow Train

Woman Boating, Inle Lake, Myanmar

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