Researching Laura Ingalls Wilder

Some people are unaware that the stories told by Laura Ingalls Wilder in her children book series Little House on the Prairie, came from her life as a pioneer. This is a Sway presentation to show people the places where her life and books overlap, and to tell the stories of her life that she left out of the books. It also includes a clip of the TV show Little House on the Prairie, which was based on the books, and aired from 1974-1983.

2 Replies to “Researching Laura Ingalls Wilder”

  1. Margaret, I really liked your sway idea! I think it would be beneficial to remind kids that some of these stories are based on true events. A story such as this could help students connect with the material because it actually happened rather than made up. I love the little history lesson you included as well as the movie clip in the end!

  2. Kudos for a fascinating background to Wilder’s books. This Sway is well organized into “life chapters” that inspired specific books. A great resource for teachers and students that takes advantage of Sway’s presentation tools.

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