Movie Time Travel

For my digital story, I chose the title “Movie Time Travel”. Films and movies have a special place in my heart. As soon as I was born, my dad made it his mission to make sure my brother and I knew every classic movie. For this reason, I want to open this as an option to my own students. More and more students are choosing to watch tv shows and movies rather than read books. While I would always encourage reading, I want my students to see the benefits of watching film. Through movies, they are able to see a visual of the story and empathize with the characters because they see their actions and how it impacts the others around them. They are able to travel through time depending on the movie and become engulfed in the plot.

If I were to create a project based on this movie story telling, I might ask them to choose one of their favorite movies and create a sway as a tribute to this film. They need to include videos, images (from Creative Commons of course!), and text to encourage their fellow students to see this movie for themselves; this could be like a persuasive story telling piece; they must include their references at the bottom.

In my particular example, I chose to highlight my favorite movie musical “The Greatest Showman”. I watched this movie with my family and have been obsessed ever since. The lights, costumes, choreography, and singing highlight the hard work of the cast and how the beauty of music can inspire thousands. By having my students see what I am passionate about, I hope they can feel encouraged to see this task as a fun project rather than a homework assignment.

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  1. Great idea and I like the way you contextualized in your own experience and what you hope to create for your students. Your Sway is well designed with loads of engaging content. (I really enjoyed the side-by-side comparisons of actors and real life characters.) Great job finding Creative Commons content and documenting your work for others to explore.

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